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Agri Jackpot

PGR/MICRONUTRIENT/ENHANCER FOR ALL CROP Microelements are required by plants throughout life in small quantities to orchestrate a range of physiological functions. In general, farmers only apply microelements when crops show de ciency symptoms, while nutrition de ciencies decrease yields before symptoms appear. Some common farming practices (such as liming acid soils) contribute to widespread occurrence of nutrient de ciencies in crops by decreasing the availability of the microelements present in the soil. Intensive crop production calls for perfectly balanced nutrition that includes all plant essentials. Special care and reliable monitoring are required when it comes to nutrition de ciencies, as they may impair plant growth. Even hidden de ciencies, with no visual symptoms, put yield levels and crop quality at risk. For adequate supply of microelements throughout the growth cycle and for prompt correction of de ciencies it is recommended to apply AGRI JACKPOT Application rate: For Foliar application 500 ml / Acre. For Soil application through Drip, Apply 1 / Acre in an interval of 15 to 20 days.


DTG Agri Jackport Gel

For short duration crop 5 kg. per acre and for long duration crop 8 kg.per acre. The recommended quantity of Dreams Agri Jackpot Gel can be mixed with fertilizers / manures or Dreams Agri Jackpot Gel can be applied for drip and foliar irrigation system. Repeated application is recommended for long duration crops like Banana, Turmeric, Cardamom, Pepper, Grapes, Coffee and other horticultural crops.

Special Features :
  • Dreams Agri Jackpot Gel encourages the soil structure and texture and brings higher productivity.
  • Promotes more root growth.
  • . Increase photo synthetic activity.
  • Encourages buds, flowers, fruit set and grain formation.
  • Provide balanced proportion of macro and micro nutrients with rich in potassium.
  • Create a protective barrier in plant system which prevents the pest, disease incidence.
  • Increses growth, yield and quality of crops.