Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant should read thoroughly and understand the terms and conditions, policies, procedures, code of ethics and business opportunities of the company as given below and from the website named “www.dreamtouchglobal.com” (here in after referred to as website) This Application/Registration/ Agreements form is considered as an authentic and legally binding document. This contract is between the applicant (here in after referred to as distributor) and DTG (here in after referred to as company.
  2. The applicant should have completed 18 years of age on the date of application and shall be competent to enter into contract as provided in the Indian Contract Act.
  3. If the applicant agrees to adhere to and abide by the conditions mentioned hereunder and in the website, he/she shall become a distributor on payment of the prescribed distributorship fee or purchasing any product from the company.
  4. The payment paid by the applicant is for product purchase only. Payout / Incentive or Commission and other benefits are subject to performance by the applicant. Company does not assure any fixed benefits of any kind.
  5. While submitting cheque, its details, Name, Mobile No and User ID should be written on the back side of the cheque. After Cheque clearance, product & Epin will be issued. Penalty will be levied if the cheque is dishonored.
  6. Cash payment will be accepted only at company’s Corporate Office. In case of cash deposit in the Bank - Bank name, Deposit Date, Transaction ID & Mobile Number should be written in the remarks. All payment should be paid to company's official bank account displayed on website only. No other means would be considered.
  7. After depositing the money, product should be taken within 15 days, after this period, Company will not be responsible. While taking the delivery, product should be checked thoroughly. No complaint will be entertained thereafter.
  8. E-pin and product once issued can will be taken back by the company in case of any issue and refund could be processed for the same. Also note the cancellation can be done within 15 days from the order date and refund will also be made after deduction of necessary processing charges.
    Refund Process as Follows:
    a) Customer needs to submit the application for return goods with reason.
    b) They should also mention the required bank detail on which the refund amount will be transferred.
    c) Need self-attested PAN Card copy, ID Proof for Authentication.
    d) Refund will be transferred in given bank detail within 15 working days after verification process is complete.

  9. Nothing in the agreement shall establish distributor’s position as a partner, procurer and broker of the company. The Independent Distributor will not be representative, agent or employee at the company, His/her position being so, and he/she has any authority to bind the company or to represent or speak on behalf of the company.
  10. The company will approve the distributorship by using an official online receipt and registration, which will carry the password and an Identification Code Number, known as User ID.
  11. If the Applicant is proprietary firm /partnership firm/private limited co. then the applicant shall provide all necessary documents pertaining to the proprietorship/ partnership during the regulation of distributorship.
  12. TDS will be deducted as formulated by the Government. These charges are subject to change time to time. Applicable TDS 5%. PAN details are mandatory for every user ID otherwise 20% TDS will be charged.
  13. Payout / Incentive or Commission will be paid through bank account transfer mentioned by distributor after deducting all applicable charges, statutory fees as mentioned above. No other mode would be considered. Anything arising due to mismatch / improper bank details is sole responsibility of distributor. Company will not pay for any liability arising due to this.
  14. All Individual distributors should submit their self-attested copy of documents- PAN, POA & POI, cancelled cheque / bank details within 15 days from the date of application to the corporate office.
  15. The applicant/direct seller will be terminated from the contract if they are found to have made no sales of goods or services for a period of up to two years since the contract is entered or since the date of the last sale made by the direct seller. They will be terminated from the contract after giving 30 days prior notice.
  16. The applicant/direct seller will get back full refund or full replacement of the product, if it is not supplied in good condition or not as specified, if they return it within 30 days from the date of receipt of goods or services.
  17. COOLING OFF: If a new applicant/direct seller don’t want to continue in the service, they can terminate their contract within 30 days from the date of contract. They can also return the product /service, if they are not satisfied with the product or service. can return within 30 from the date of receipt of goods or service.
  18. All Individual distributors should adhere to Rules & Regulations formed by the company & if any of the distributors is found guilty of not observing the same, then he/she will be terminated from the company. The company reserves all rights to terminate or reject any distributorship / application at its own discretion.
  19. The company will not be answerable for any promise, assurance given by any distributor to any person, unless it is in accordance with approved business plans, product package and terms of the company, hence the applicant shall go through official website: www.dreamtouchglobal.com, brochures / notice issued by the company.
  20. If any disputes or difference arises between the parties hereto touching the business or interpretation of any terms and condition or as incentives, income etc., relating to the business of the company, the same shall be referred to arbitration to Madurai, Tamilnadu Jurisdiction only.
  21. The applicant / distributor shall ensure that all the information furnished to the company is correct and properly entered, any request for correction furnished by the distributor as to his/ her sponsor or placement details will not be entertained.
  22. The applicant, who returned their goods to DTG, shall receive their money back within 15 days from returning the goods back to the company.
  23. Only those packages of goods will be considered which are not damaged, used, tampered and in fine conditions.
  24. The company reserves the rights to modify the terms and condition, products and business policies time to time giving information through its website: www.dreamtouchglobal.com and it will be binding to all distributors of the company
  25. Sale of our products in all websites such as Flipkart, Amazon is strictly prohibited! Any Associates found selling in such websites will be terminated immediately.