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Dream Touch Global V Safe

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Dream Touch Global V Safe

Women have a special significance in Indian culture. Women have to play the role of mother, sister, daughter, in their daily life. This is the reason she is an important part of family. An educated woman can turn her family into heaven. This is the reason why women have to be educated as well as healthy.

Menstrual cycle is the natural process in women’s life. During this process it is the duty of women to keep herself hygienic, else it leads to infectious diseases. According to world health organization (WHO)numbers, women take the unwanted decisions like suicides, divorce, argument between husband & wife during this period of menstrual cycle, because during this period a women’s body goes through the problem like hormonal changes, weakness because of bleeding etc. which she considers as a disease and it leads to difficulties in her life.

According to a study 62% of vaginal diseases occur because of infected napkins. 78% of women’s face itchiness and unbearable pain during these days. 83% of women face infection due to infected napkins. As a result if once she is been affected with vaginal disorder or disease she has to take a minimum 6 years of treatment.

Regular Sanitary napkins in the market contains oregano chlorine di-oxide which causes cancer. This can lead to uterus cancer, irregular menstruation, and vaginal diseases.

Side Effects Of Regular Napkins :
  • Regular napkins once opened cannot be closed, can lead to infection in the napkins.
  • Poor quality of cotton and cloth is been used.
  • In order to increase the absorption level of regular napkins petro chemical gel is been used in high quantity.
  • To hide the odor of the gel, artificial floral odors are been used that come directly in contact with vagina and can lead to female infertility, unwanted abortion and cancer.
  • The last layer of regular napkins is been made of plastic which leads to itchiness, and during heavy blood flow there are chances of increased bacterial infection.


BEST SOLUTION for all these problems is Dream Touch Global V-SAFE SANITARY NAPKINS.


  • Dream Touch Global V-SAFE SANITARY NAPKINS come in an attractive packaging which can be closed after every use, resulting in no infection.
  • High quality of cotton and cloth is been used which is skin friendly.
  • Anti-bacterial strip is the essential part of V-safe napkins which does not allow bacteria to arisein case of high blood flow, due to which there are no chances of bacterial infection.
  • The absorption level of this napkin is very high as compared to all other napkins in the market. High quality of cotton and fruit jelly is been used due to which the napkin stays clean and dry for a longer period of time.
  • Ventilation of air is the main point of Dream Touch Global V-safe sanitary napkins, because of which there are no chances of infection.
  • Hence Dream Touch Global v-safe is better than the other sanitary napkins in the market.