MD Message

MD Message

Dr A.R. Raja is a firm believer in achieving the goals of the organization with compact dedication and hard work. His dream appended with “Dream Touch Global” is to get the company recognized on the global stage and make the human life more relaxed.

Born and brought up in a small village, Dr. Raja joined Indian Army with ‘Corps of Signals’ and served the nation for about 19 years. During this time span he visited many countries and was awarded with ‘Videsh Seva Medal’ and ‘Sainik Seva Medal’. After which he took voluntary retirement and started working with LIC, Tamil Nadu. Due to his influential skills and powerful communication he made a wide network and connections with people. He guided many of them as well.

Following which he entered in ‘Direct Selling Industry’ and took initiatives to improve the living standard of people by introducing various foundations regarding health problem. He served as Chairmen and MD for:-

  • Herbalayas Diabetic Care Foundation
  • Herbalayas Arthocare Foundation
  • Herbalayas Redisafe Foundation
  • Herbalayas Fuel Care Foundations
  • Akshaya Artho Care Foundation
  • The Celetials


With these incredible and uncountable achievements, Dr. Raja is now aiming to make ‘Dream Touch Global’ a global star company. His visions for the company includes are:

  • Extend human life
  • Extend human life without disease
  • Extend human life without disease and with financial freedom


Dr. A. R. Raja with his inborn leadership qualities and effective communication skills makes him role model for others. He has been president over 7500000  associates committee and developed 7500 car achievers. He is now dedicated to provide technological solution for various environmental problems like the emergence of global warming. He believes in empowering unemployment through promoting jobs opportunities for youth. And at the same time he is also engaging farmers in organic farming to save human society from devastation.